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A Chance to Hold a Piece of History

Writing a Book about your Story

Free advice on how to write a book and get it published.

Research and Investigation about your Family Genealogy

Having trouble finging your ancestors? I will work with you to recover information and documents about your ancestors including courthouse, archives, cemetery, census, and newspapers. (West Central Indiana and East Central Illinois Counties only)

Fee: $15.00 per hour

Handwriting Analysis Past and Present Individuals

For living Individuals: Write a letter to yourself of at least two pargraphs. The verbal content of your message is unimportant, so just relax and write in your usual style with no pretenses. If you often print or have more than one style of writing, provide a sample of these as well. Include your address in the letter; Sign and date your sample.
For Individuals that have passed and you have written documents they have signed, send those documents for analysis.


All documents will be returned to the sender.


Fee: One to three pages - $50.00

For each additional page - $10.00

Mail your documents to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Or scan your documents and email the files to

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