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As many people know, a thoroughly curious man can never put his mind at rest.

Steve Meeker returned to his roots in Indiana, USA. Thus, began his long journey of uncovering his family’s ancestry and the relentless search for the answers to countless questions. Those answers could have potentially unravelled the hidden truths and shake the foundation of his family. His extensive research into the lives of his loved ones uncovered some appalling truths that many tried to forget.



Steve Meeker was born in Indiana and graduated from Indiana State University in 1974.


After getting married, he spent most of his time in Florida, United States. He had two sons that he raised in the United States and lived there for 30 years. Then he moved back to Indiana and started investigating his family history. After going through all the details, he came to know that his great-aunt was murdered. He made a detailed investigation and found the murderer. This gave him an idea of writing a fictional novel based on historical events unveiling the various mysteries. collecting the relevant information from the murder case of his aunt he got the unique and practical insight on all the events that the sense of originality into the mystery novel. Being an exceptionally intelligent and gifted storyteller, we strongly hope that all the readers will equally enjoy the story of his Aunt Ida. This amazing book is readily available for purchase at Amazon, Google Books, and other prominent platforms.




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